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SAT 10/1            no show  
SUN 10/2        TNT Karaoke   9pm  FREE
MON 10/3        Quiz Night with Michael and Heather  8pm
FRI 10/7      Great Falls Reggae Splash with DJ Fyah Lyontist    9:30   FREE
SAT 10/8            no show
SUN 10/9        TNT Karaoke   9pm  FREE
WEDS 10/12     Shout Lulu  (Southern string band)  8pm  FREE
THURS 10/13    Falltown String Band   8pm   FREE
FRI 10/14      Drew Paton’s 1940s Hit Parade   7pm   FREE
SAT 10/15          Blu-Groove Organ Quartet   9:30   FREE
SUN 10/16      TNT Karaoke  9pm   FREE
MON 10/17       BINGO!    8pm    FREE
THURS 10/20    Half Shaved Jazz   7:30   FREE
FRI 10/21           “Regulars” Art Show opening  8pm and 
                            Dance Party with DJ Drew  9:30 
SAT 10/22  The Franklin County Sweethearts (classic country) 
                            and Izzy Heltai and Secret Creature (folk)        9:30    FREE
SUN 10/23  TNT Karaoke  9pm  FREE
MON 10/24  Open Mic.  8pm  FREE
TUES 10/25       Movie Night - The Nightmare Before Christmas   9pm   FREE
WEDS 10/26     Open Old-time Music Session  8pm  FREE
FRI 10/28 Uncle Hal’s Crab Grass Band   6:30   FREE
SAT 10/29          Halloween Costume Dance Party - the return of
                            DJ Funkadelic Fern (hip-hop, funk, top-40 from the 70s to today)
SUN 10/30 TNT Karaoke  9pm   FREE



September (we're NINE YEARS OLD on 9/1)








THURS 6/2     Falltown String Band   8pm   FREE
FRI 6/3        no show
SAT 6/4        Kinks on Camels  (Drew Paton & friends)    9pm  Free
SUN 6/5             TNT Karaoke   9pm  FREE
MON 6/6            QUIZ NIGHT with Heather and Michael  8pm
WED 6/8            Shout Lulu  (Southern String Band)   8pm   Free
FRI 6/10            6:30   FREE   Uncle Hal’s Crab Grass Band (Americana-ana!)        
                         9:30   FREE    The Jays - Lexi Weege
SAT 6/11           Adynkra  (instrumental duo)   9:30   FREE
SUN 6/12          TNT Karaoke  9pm   FREE
MON 6/13         Nora’s Stellar Open Mic. Cabaret   8pm   FREE
THURS 6/16      Half Shaved Jazz  7:30   FREE
FRI 6/17           Drew Paton’s 1940s Hit Parade  7pm  FREE
SAT 6/18          no show
SUN 6/19         TNT Karaoke  9pm   FREE
MON 6/20        BINGO!    8pm    FREE
FRI 6/24          Baxter Brewing Co. presents COMMUNITY SMOKES  9:30  FREE
SAT 6/25         GROOVE NIGHT (birthday edition!) 
                                                   with DJ Drew  (hip-hop/funk/r&b)  9:30  FREE
SUN 6/26        TNT Karaoke  9pm   FREE
MON 6/27        Nora’s Stellar Open Mic. Cabaret   8pm   FREE