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Gorgonzola Garlic Flatbread: 6.99
roasted garlic, herbs, cheddar-jack,
Parmesan, Gorgonzola, & butter. Oh yeah.

Pear & Smoked Cheddar Plate: 7.99
pears lightly sautéed w. butter & herbs
& served w. smoked cheddar &
house-made crostini

Ahi-style Spicy Tuna “Taco”: 8.99
sushi-grade tuna steak seared & sliced
& served in a crunchy wonton wrapper
w. spicy slaw, green onions, & a touch
of soy sauce

Hummus & Chips: 5.99
our house-made garlic-&-lemon hummus
w. olives, olive oil, paprika, & chips

Garlic Wings: 6 for 6.99
chickeny & slightly spicy w. carrot stix
& ranch

Beef Sliders: 3 for 6.49 or 2.25 each
three miniature burgers cooked medium,
one each of: bacon cheddar; bbq & roasted
red onion; & mac n cheese. Or get any
single slider of your choice.

Nachos Grande: 8.99
w. triangle chips like momma useta make
topped w. cheese, jalapeños, & black
olives & served w. pico de gallo, sour
cream, & limed black beans on the side
add fresh guacamole for 1.99

The VOO POO Platter Rides Again: 14.99
3 vegetarian potstickers, 3 pork potstickers,
2 garlic wings, Asian slaw, curried carrot
kickshaw, roasted potatoes, & a salad!
Also available vegetarian! (w. 8 vegetarian
potstickers instead of wings & pork ‘stickers)

Grilled Quesadilla:
NOW available as SINGLE or DOUBLE -SIZED
served w. pico de gallo, sour cream, & limed
black beans
Cheese or Cheese & Black Bean.....4.25 Double.....5.99
Roasted Veggie & Cheese..............4.59 Double.....6.25
Grilled Chicken & Cheese...............5.59 Double.....7.25
Steak & Cheese..............................6.99 Double.....8.49

add fresh guacamole for 1.99



Pretzel w. 2 Mustards: 2.25
fresh hot & German

Grilled Asparagus: 4.29
w. our garlic aioli

Famous Roasted Potatoes: 5.99
twice roasted & served w. a side of
our garlic aioli
LOAD ‘EM UP w. bacon & cheese & a side of sour cream...6.99

Asian Slaw: 4.29
cabbage, scallions, red peppers,
sesame oil, fresh ginger, & lime

Curried Carrot Kickshaw: 4.29
matchstick carrots & raisins in
Jamaican aioli

Smashed Potatoes & Butter: 4.29
house-made smashed red bliss
potatoes w. a touch of garlic


Mac N Cheeeeeez! 10.99
a generous portion of macaroni & cheese plus a mesclun greens salad
... top it w. ground beef & chorizo for 4.29

Jamaican Meatloaf w. Caribbean BBQ: 13.99
an 8-oz slice of our spiced local beef & chorizo meatloaf w.
smashed red potatoes & grilled asparagus

Asian Salad Nicoise: 14.99
sushi-grade tuna steak seared w. sesame seeds, sliced, & put on top of a
mesclun greens salad w. grilled asparagus, sesame-ginger dressing. Served w.
sides of soy-&-lime noodles, pickled ginger, wasabi, & soy sauce.
Pan-Seared Tofu Steak w. sesame seeds (instead of tuna): 12.99

Voo Steak Frites: regular (2 of our hand-trimmed 4oz strips) 14.99
bigger (3 of our hand-trimmed 4oz strips) 16.99
juicy sirloin strips seared to order w. our roasted root medley,
roasted potatoes, & a crisp romaine, tomato, & Parmesan salad
(also available w. smashed red potatoes)

Tofu Frites Au Poivre: 12.99
a thick-cut silky tofu steak seared till crispy & topped w. LOTS & LOTS
of fresh ground pepper. Served like our steak.



Our 1/2 pound beef burgers are custom-ground for the Voo.
All burgers are served on hearty flour-dusted rolls w. a side
of roasted potatoes w. herbed butter.
Beef burgers are cooked how you like them cooked.

Basic Burger: 9.99
1/2 pound ground beef grilled to order
w. lettuce & tomato

Local Burger: 10.99
6oz of local organic grass-fed beef
w. lettuce & tomato

Veggie Burger: 8.99
our house-made mushroom &
spinach burger w. lettuce & tomato

BBQ-Cheddar Burger: 11.99
our 1/2 pound burger topped
w. tomatoes, cheddar jack cheese,
onions, & bbq sauce

The Jamie Berger Burger: 11.99
our 1/2 pound burger topped w.
mushrooms, onions, & house-candied bacon

Buffalo Blue Burger: 11.99
our 1/2 pound burger slathered in buffalo
sauce & topped w. blue cheese

Voo Burger: 12.99
our 1/2 pound burger topped w. a fresh
thyme & olive oil aioli, sliced chorizo,
smoked cheddar, & asparagus

Garlic & Parmesan Burger: 11.99
our 1/2 pound burger topped w. chopped garlic,
& a pile of shredded Parmesan

Beef Sliders Meal: 8.99
three miniature burgers cooked medium,
one of each of: bacon cheddar; bbq & roasted red onion;
mac n cheese.

add raw or roasted red onions for no charge
add Swiss, smoked cheddar, blue cheese or 2 slices of bacon to any burger for 1.00
other additional toppings start at .75


Our panini are grilled sandwiches on artisanal panini bread.
All savory panini come w. your choice of a homemade side:

a: Asian slaw: red & green cabbages w. scallions & red peppers,
in a lime, fresh ginger, & toasted sesame oil vinaigrette
b: twice-roasted potato wedges w. herbed butter
- OR -
c: curried carrot kickshaw: matchstick carrots & raisins in
Jamaican aioli

Substitute a mesclun greens salad for 1.50.

Grilled 5-Cheese & Tomato: 6.25
5? Yes. Five.

Bee El Tee: 6.59

blt, as in, tomato & lettuce & bacon – grilled

Roasted Veggie: 6.59
house-roasted red peppers, mushrooms,
& roasted red onions w. pesto mayo & Swiss

Chicken Roasted Veggie: 7.99

grilled chicken w. our house-roasted veggies, pesto mayo, & Swiss

Turkey & Pear: 8.99
sliced turkey, fresh-cut pears, cheddar, & pesto mayo

Hummus & Kalamata: 8.59
our house-made hummus w. sliced kalamata olives,
chopped romaine, tomato slices add chevre... 2.00

BBQ Chicken: 8.99
grilled chicken topped w. sweet bbq sauce, bacon, & pickles

Buffalo Blue Chicken: 8.99
grilled chicken tossed w. hot sauce, topped w. blue cheese, lettuce, & tomato

Chorizo & Roasted Peppers: 8.99
thinly sliced Spanish sausage, roasted red peppers, smoked cheddar, & garlic aioli

Bahn-Mi: 9.99
grilled chicken topped w. bacon & a Vietnamese mix of
daikon radish, mint, & carrots, w. jalapenos on the side

Meatloaf Sandwich: 9.99
our Jamaican meatloaf w. roasted onion, garlic aioli, & cheddar

Voo Steak and Cheese: 10.99
4oz. steak w. roasted onions, peppers,
mushrooms & lots of cheese

Grilled PBJ: 4.25
in all its glory gooey goodness
(served w. side of tortilla chips instead of a sandwich side)


Soup of the Jour: 3.99 cup, 5.59 bowl

The Voo’s House-made Seasonal Soup: 4.49 cup, 5.99 bowl
either: Roasted Red Pepper & Tomato Gazpacho (late spring, summer, & early fall)
or: Our Rich Ethiopian Dal (late fall, winter, & early spring)


Warm Spinach Salad: 9.99 w. bacon: 10.99
a hearty salad of baby spinach greens tossed
w. a ginger, brown butter, & lemon dressing,
w. roasted red onions, blue cheese, toasted nuts,
& roasted roots

Aphrodite Side Salad: 3.99 small, 6.99
mesclun greens, romano cheese, fruit,
mint, oil & vinegar

The Voo Caesar: 8.59
our house-made zesty true Caesar from scratch
(anchovies available on request)

Roasted Root Salad: 8.99
greens w. roasted carrots, parsnips, & beets,
topped w. toasted almonds, chevre,
& balsamic reduction

Sesame Chicken Salad: 11.99
mixed greens tossed w. our sesame ginger dressing,
tomatoes,cilantro, roasted onions, red peppers,
mushrooms topped w. sesame encrusted chicken,
wasabi almonds, and scallions

Top any salad w. chicken or tofu for 2.99.
Top any salad w. a 4oz grilled sirloin strip for 4.99

All salads come dressed, but if you like yours in a different outfit, we’re happy to oblige.

All dressings are house-made at the Voo*:
red wine vinaigrette, house balsamic, zesty Caesar, oil & vinegar, Ken’s Classic Ranch
*except for Ken’s Classic Ranch, made by Ken


All pizzas are on 3 flatbread crusts.

Classic Cheese: 6.99
tomato sauce & cheese

Pepperoni: 8.59
sauce, cheese, & ‘roni

Chicken Bacon Ranch: 10.99
grilled chicken, cheese,
bacon w. ranch dressing,
& a touch of tomato & herbs

Kalamata, Spinach, Onion, & Tomato: 9.99
cheese w. all of the above. wow.
add chevre: 1.99

Chorizo, Garlic, & Red Pepper: 10.99
sorta like our Chorizo Panini
but it’s a pizza. Sweet.

Buffalo Chicken: 9.99

chicken, blue cheese, jack cheese,
& hot n tangy buffalo sauce

BBQ meatloaf: 9.99

BBQ sauce, roasted red onions &
our Jamaican meatloaf

Tomato Basil: 7.99
fresh-cut tomatoes, cheese, & basil




Fritos, Lay’s, or Doritos .99
Madhouse Munchies (varied selection) 1.99


Before placing your order, please inform your server if anyone in your party has a food allergy.

Consuming raw or undercooked meat, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.